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Expansion of the Executive Board


Phoenix Contact Executive Board  

Phoenix Contact Executive Board

As part of the succession plan for General Managers Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch (CHRO/Human Resources) and Roland Bent (CTO/Technology), who will be retiring in the next year, a restructuring of the Executive Board and the assigned departments has now been announced.

Effective August 1, four new members will join the Executive Board. Three of them are the presidents of the three business areas: Dirk Görlitzer, Torsten Janwlecke, and Ulrich Leidecker. As COOs, they will be responsible for central corporate divisions and continue to be responsible for their respective business areas. As the fourth new member, Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken will be appointed to the Executive Board as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Possel-Dölken is currently Head of the Corporate Technology & Value Chain division. His future responsibilities will also include the IT division and all aspects of digital transformation. This makes digitalization the central focus of technology and process development in the company.

All of the newly appointed members of the Executive Board have many years of experience in Phoenix Contact management. “The expansion provides our Group with a framework for the holistic development of our management and structure,” said CEO Frank Stührenberg. “This goal was assigned to us by our Advisory Board in order to prepare the Phoenix Contact Group for the challenges of the future. The new appointment of the CDO in particular is of crucial importance in the digital transformation. The ability to innovate, innovation strategies, and the IT capability of a company are factors that will determine its success in the new decade.” Frank Stührenberg as CEO and Axel Wachholz as CFO, together with the four newly appointed members, will form the Executive Board starting in spring 2021.

Turning 65 in 2020, Professor Dr. Gunther Olesch will retire from the Executive Board in July. He will continue to represent Phoenix Contact in honorary and association functions until spring 2021. Starting in August, the HR department will fall under the responsibility of the CEO. “Maintaining the corporate culture and developing and recruiting talent is a top priority,” said CEO Frank Stührenberg. Roland Bent will remain on the Executive Board until his scheduled retirement at the age of 63 in February 2021. He will then continue to act as Phoenix Contact's chief representative for international standardization, and perform his honorary functions in the fields of national and international standardization.


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