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Security for IPCs with Windows 7


Machine with protective shield  

mGuards protect industrial systems with Windows 7

Since January 14, 2020, Windows 7 has no longer been supported. Microsoft will not provide any security updates to eliminate new security vulnerabilities.

It gave cybercriminals the opportunity to hack into production computers with Windows 7 operating systems, increasing the security risk on a daily basis.

A reliable and inexpensive solution is to retrofit an mGuard Security module, which is an industrial security appliance. The module is integrated into the network upstream of the Windows PC that is at risk, and immediately protects the PC with several harmonized security functions. The module also has a patented stealth mode, which ensures that no changes have to be made to the system that is to be protected, either in the network infrastructure, or to the Windows computer itself. The mGuard security module can therefore subsequently be integrated into an existing network in a transparent manner. The MAC and IP addresses of the system to be protected continue to be adopted automatically. The network configuration also remains unchanged. This allows a production machine with a Windows 7 control computer to be protected quickly, easily, and entirely free of risk.


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