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Security routers provide protection against URGENT/11 vulnerabilities


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mGuards protect devices with VxWorks operating systems from known vulnerabilities

In July 2019, it was announced that eleven zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered that affect the real-time operating system Wind River VxWorks.

It is often not easy or even impossible to update all devices that run VxWorks. This is why Phoenix Contact offers a simple and easy to retrofit solution with the mGuard security routers: the security appliances are easily integrated into the network and protect the VxWorks devices completely from attacks through all critical URGENT/11 vulnerabilities.

VxWorks is used in over two million devices, mainly in important industrial, medical, and corporate devices. The eleven security vulnerabilities are grouped under the name URGENT/11 and allow remote attackers to gain control of devices without any user interaction. In the process, security systems such as firewalls are bypassed.

You can find more information about configuring an mGuard security router to protect against URGENT/11 vulnerabilities in a whitepaper on our website.


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