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Expansion of Radioline 2.0 with 900MHz Industrial Wireless Radios


PHOENIX CONTACT is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio of Radioline 2.0 Industrial Wireless Solutions with the addition of Radioline 900MHz Wireless System.

Following the introduction of the Radioline 2.4 GHz earlier last year, customers can now take full advantage of the increased range capabilities of the 900MHz radios.

Radioline 2.4GHz and 900MHz lines are the new wireless systems for extending industrial systems and networks for up to 250 devices. Whether I/O signals or serial data (RS-232 or RS-485), it is ONE wireless system for multiple applications. The Radioline 2.4GHz can be used for applications with clear line of sight for distances up to 3.5 km’s and Radioline 900MHz for distances up to 32 km’s.

Radioline is EASY to use for wireless I/O mapping out of the box, RELIABLE thanks to its Trusted Wireless 2.0 Technology and FLEXIBLE for all applications as it enables modular extension of every station.


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