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Phoenix Contact Helps to Connect the 2013 Blue Sky Solar Racing Car


2013 Blue Sky Solar Racing Car

To improve the robustness of Blue Sky Racing’s new electrical car system, we are excited to have sponsored the University of Toronto on their 2013 solar car.

Milton, ON - Whether it’s plugging a TV to a cable box, a keyboard to a computer base, or your phone to the wall socket, wiring is something that is often taken for granted. At home, we usually only think about the type of socket to determine the kind of cable to connect things with, but we rarely consider properties such as the strength of the connection and cable and signal interference from radiation. These issues are prevalent in many industrial applications, and solar car is no exception. The vibrations experienced on the road can momentarily break off electrical connections and the high current draw from the motor can pose a problem to the signal integrity in the car.

Early last year, Phoenix Contact have sponsored the team with connectors and headers for their initial electrical testing. Recently, we have agreed to expand the sponsorship to the entirety of the team’s telemetry connection needs including cables and connectors for their CAN bus and its peripheral connections. The team has already laid out the wiring in the CAD model of the new car and we very excited to integrate the electrical system once the aerobody is built.

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Hu, Zhe and Latch from the Blue Sky Solar Race Team. They’ve showed us the Azure and Cerulean as well as the working electrical system for GenVII (on the bench). We are very excited to be working with UofT and we look forward to building a long lasting relationship!

Phoenix Contact’s reliable industrial field connectivity allows you to connect your sensors and actuators quickly and without error in the field. We provide seamless product ranges for passive field cabling that save time and money with quick-connect.


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