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Assembled M12 power cables for high power


Assembled M12 power cables  

Assembled K- and L-coded cables extend the product range

The M12 power cabling offers high power in a compact design. Assembled K- and L-coded cables in PUR or PVC quality and with IP65/IP67 degree of protection extend the existing range with S- and T-coding.

The coded pin connector patterns prevent mismatching. The connectors are standardized according to IEC 61076-2-111 and approved according to UL 2237. The M12 pin connector patterns are considerably smaller than the 7/8 inch connectors. This enables you to supply compact devices and motors with high power from a decentralized location. The new 5-pos. K-codings are designed for AC applications up to 16 A and 630 V. DC applications in the low-voltage range up to 16 A and 63 V are covered by the new L-codings. These are available in a 4-pos. and 5-pos. design with four conductors and functional earth ground contact. An optional 360° shielding provides reliable EMC protection. The connectors can be mounted quickly with the SPEEDCON fast locking system.


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