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New gateways for Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP


Serial device server gateways  

Seamless integration of Modbus devices into Ethernet/IP

The device family of serial device servers and gateways from Phoenix Contact enables a variety of protocols to be seamlessly integrated into a network or the simple migration of existing serial devices into the modern Ethernet.

The new Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP gateways can integrate existing Modbus devices (TCP or RTU slaves) into the Ethernet/IP protocol. In the process, the Modbus register will be easily and conveniently mapped in the Ethernet/IP protocol and made available via web-based management.

There are variants with up to four serial interfaces (each RS-232/422/485) and with up to two Ethernet RJ45 ports. In combination with the extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C and an extensive approval package (UL, IECEx, ATEX) the gateways are ideal for all industries.


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