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mGuard Secure Cloud


mGuard Secure Cloud  

mGuard Secure Cloud

The mGuard Secure Cloud is a highly secure, web-based service for instant remote access to any machine and system in the world that is connected to the internet.

mGuard Secure Cloud forms a powerful cloud-based infrastructure that securely interconnects service staff with machines via the Internet. Together with proven FL mGuard technology, this guarantees confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the operator and the system.

Features and Benefits:
• This free service allows you to access and control remote locations and customer machines in just a few clicks.
• The Secure Cloud uses IPsec Virtual Private Network (VPN), an accepted and highly secure IT standard.
• Save on the time and expense of travel while providing superior customer service.
• Support your end customers 24/7.
• Identify and solve complex problems remotely, provide program updates, ease commissioning of new equipment
• Create revenue for OEM Machine Builders.
• Easy hardware and software configuration provided via web, e-mail or SD card at no extra cost.


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Milton, Ontario L9T 5V7

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