We’re a friendly company with partnerships based on trust and teamwork; creating progress with innovative and inspiring solutions.

“Every day, our employees active engagement and enthusiasm produces a powerful and motivational force that emphasizes our competitive edge as a business and more importantly, as a place to work.”

Kevin McKenna
General Manager

The framework for Phoenix Contact's culture has been in place from the company’s earliest days.
Here are a few of our General Manager's observations on what makes us, culturally, a great place to work:

  • We believe in hiring the very best people
  • We believe in investing in people who want to grow and develop
  • We believe in striving for a proper balance in personal and professional life
  • We believe in a honest, open, trusting, caring and transparent workplace
  • We believe in communicating – we have the direct conversation
  • We believe in maintaining a psychological safe place to work
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure the business’ sustainability

At Phoenix Contact, we believe our corporate values are best seen in our actions and we strive to display independence, innovation, creativity and trusting partnerships in everything we do.


8240 Parkhill Drive
Milton, Ontario L9T 5V7

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