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Lightning current protection for 4-conductor systems


Surge protection devices for 4-conductor applications TTC-6P-4…  

Surge protection devices for 4-conductor applications TTC-6P-4…

With the TERMITRAB complete product family from Phoenix Contact, we provide you with the narrowest surge protection for measurement and control technology.

With immediate effect, the TTC-6P-4… protective devices for 4-conductor applications can also be used for applications that require test class D1.

This applies both for product variants with Push-in connection technology and for products with screw connection. Your advantage: use TTC-6P-4… at building transitions. Curve-shaped lightning pulses (10/350) µs can be expected here. The components installed in the protective circuit pass the tests of min. 500 A discharge surge current, which is required for test class D1. Alongside the advantage of a very narrow overall width (only 6 mm for a 4-conductor device), you now get higher-performance protection for your applications.


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