Solutions for wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

Your application determines the solution

Rely on comprehensive solutions for safe and energy-efficient wastewater treatment.

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  • Ramp metering
    Ramp metering

    Phoenix Contact offers control solutions for storm-water relief systems and wastewater pumps, as well as function blocks and components for motor management.

  • Mechanical precleaning
    Mechanical precleaning

    Control and communication solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure that mechanical precleaning is carried out smoothly.

  • Biological treatment
    Biological treatment

    Function blocks, energy measuring devices, network components, and control technology from Phoenix Contact all help ensure that biological treatment is carried out efficiently.

  • Secondary sedimentation
    Reliable system operation

    Phoenix Contact offers solutions for uninterrupted operation and wireless data communication for moving or hard-to-reach system parts.

  • Sludge treatment
    Sludge treatment

    Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of solutions for sludge treatment, from energy data acquisition to storing and evaluating operating data.

  • Process library for water management

    With the Water Functions process library, Phoenix Contact provides a software library which is tailored to the needs of the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Around 80% of the wastewater created by the population is still discharged untreated into rivers and oceans. Along with the effects on the ecosystem, wastewater operators are facing new challenges, such as a fourth treatment stage and monitoring the water for its micro-plastic content.
With innovative and open systems, Phoenix Contact provides solutions for the challenges of the future. This is because however different the conditions for wastewater disposal are, the objectives are similar: The best water quality with the greatest possible efficiency, and therefore the maximum conservation of resources.


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