High Power Charging Technology

Highway rest stop with HPC charging stations

Fast charging enters a new dimension

Phoenix Contact's High Power Charging System makes electromobility fit for everyday use.

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    High Power Charging Technology

    Phoenix Contact's intelligent HPC technology is based on an active cooling system that makes charging currents of up to 500 A possible, without compromising on safety or manageability.

  • Areas of application
    HPC charging technology areas of application

    Phoenix Contact's HPC system can be used anywhere where electric vehicle drivers are short on time, particularly on highways and at major traffic interchanges.

Phoenix Contact has developed the High Power Charging (HPC) technology which charges a battery for a distance of 100 km in just three to five minutes. At the heart of this technology is a high performance charging connector with intelligent cooling that enables a charging current of up to 500 A. With a 1000 V system voltage, this means a charging power of 500,000 W.

Your advantages

  • Charge in just a few minutes, thanks to extremely high charging currents
  • Efficient, environmentally friendly cooling system allows smaller cable cross sections
  • Extremely safe, thanks to continuous temperature and leak monitoring
  • Maintenance-friendly, thanks to components that can be replaced easily and a half-open cooling system
  • Fully compatible with the established Combined Charging System (CCS)

The HPC system at a glance

HPC CCS type 1 and type 2 vehicle connectors  

The HPC system can be used in North America and Europe

The modular Phoenix Contact HPC system will be available starting in mid-2018 and consists of several harmonized components:

  • Cooled DC vehicle connector
    (CCS type 1 for North America and CCS type 2 for Europe)
  • Cooled charging cable
  • Cable feed-through with specific interfaces for power, communication, and cooling
  • Cooling unit, comprising cooling system and cooling circuit, customized for the installation space
  • Controller for charging process and cooling

In addition, we offer many other components for your HPC charging stations, such as charging sockets, charging controllers, HMIs, power supplies, surge protection, and communication and connection technology.

Your individual HPC solution

Are you a fast-charging station manufacturer or charging park planner interested in our HPC system? We would be happy to advise you and create your individual HPC solution tailored to your application.

Please note that the system will not be available for delivery until mid-2018.


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Faster than expected

You think charging an electric car takes hours? These times are over, thanks to HPC.

How does High Power Charging work?

Learn how the technology in the High Power Charging vehicle connector works.

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