Assembled cables

Assembled cables

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Connect sensors and actuators quickly and easily in the field using assembled cables.

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Choose from a range of assembled versions and cable qualities. Halogen-free PUR cabling, used as standard, already meets the requirements of many fields of application.

Your advantages

  • M12 push-pull connectors allow easy and secure installation, even when space is tight
  • Maximum resistance to shock and vibration with the seamless, large-area shield connection with Advanced Shielding Technology
  • Numerous sizes – from M8 to M12 as well as 1/2″ and 7/8″
  • Wide range of molded valve connectors for the protective circuit
  • Save space with up to 17 positions in one connector

Sensor/actuator cables

Sensor/actuator cabling from Phoenix Contact: sizes  

Sensor/actuator cabling: sizes

Choose sensor/actuator cables from the comprehensive and consistent product range from Phoenix Contact.

  • M8 male and female connectors (3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-pos.)
  • M12 male and female connectors (3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, 12-, and 17-pos.)
  • 1/2" male and female connectors (2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-pos.)
  • 7/8" male and female connectors (3-, 4-, and 5-pos.)

Valve connector cables

Valve connector cables from Phoenix Contact  

Valve connector cables

We supply valve connector cables with integrated seal in the following designs:

  • A, AD
  • B, BI
  • C, CI

Protective circuits with status indicator are available from Phoenix Contact in a range of different versions:

  • Zener diode
  • Varistor
  • Freewheeling diode

Double valve connectors in designs A, B, and BI are available with a Zener diode version of the protective circuit.

You can choose between various different cable qualities.


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Sensor/actuator cables



Advanced Shielding Technology

Unique shielding concept for assembled connectors.