Bluetooth I/O

Wireless, easy, and reliable

Wireless, easy, and reliable

Transmit your I/O signals reliably to difficult to access or rotating stations using Bluetooth.

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    Bluetooth I/O

    Bluetooth I/O devices for reliable and secure I/O communication with rotating or difficult to access system parts.

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Your I/O communication can benefit from the advantages of Bluetooth technology. Easy to install and providing reliable transmission, Bluetooth is the ideal solution for data transmission at input and output level.

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy startup, thanks to automatic configuration
  • Rugged and reliable transmission, thanks to redundant wireless channels
  • Minimal planning required, due to interference-free parallel operation of numerous Bluetooth systems as well as operation with WLAN
  • Protected against manipulation and tapping, thanks to encrypted transmission

Bluetooth multiplexer as a wireless control cable

Wireless MUX  

Wireless MUX, the wireless signal cable

The Wireless MUX can be installed very quickly: connect, switch on, and you have a working wireless path. The system transmits 16 digital and 2 analog signals bidirectionally. This means that it can therefore replace a 40-wire signal cable.

Do you require more signals?

Use the MODULAR MUX SD memory card to create a modular transmission system for up to 4096 I/O points: with two ILC 170 ETH controllers and the FL BT EPA AIR SET wireless modules. SafetyBridge technology can also be included on request.

Bluetooth I/O devices as a wireless fieldbus extension

FLM BT on a robot  

Wireless fieldbus extension with Bluetooth I/O

Connect your I/O signals to the fieldbus infrastructure using the Fieldline installation system. The Bluetooth base station automatically controls communication with the bus terminal modules. The system typically transmits time-critical process signals in 10 ms per module. 

You can therefore still use your fieldbus technology on robots or rotating machines, while enabling wear-free communication with the higher-level network.


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