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Routing – clever design of large networks

Design extensive and complex networks – by means of segmentation. The Layer 3 function of the Modular Managed Switch can be used for redundant routing between various subnetworks, ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication. The switch supports routing on all ports.

Port-specific routing – availability for all subnetworks

Management of subnetworks with modular Gigabit switches  

Extensive network construction with port-specific routing

Do you want to route data packets redundantly to other networks? Then VRRP is the ideal solution.

This means that you can achieve greater data availability in all subnetworks.

The FL SD Flash L3/MRM memory card installs a Layer 3 license in the switch. This enables intelligent and error-free routing of the information flow in your network. Port-specific routing can then be operated up to 28 times with the switch.


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