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ReSyODP: GPRS communication between control room and stations

The Open Data Port (ODP) communication protocol is used for GPRS-based communication between a higher-level control system and remote control substations via the standardized OPC interface. This concept offers the user open communication with various OPC-based process control systems.

ReSyODP function block library

ReSyODP remote control via GPRS  

ReSyODP remote control via GPRS

The ReSyODP function block library from Phoenix Contact supports both serial and Ethernet-based communication.

When configuring the remote control substations, the various requirements for the hardware must be observed.

ReSyODP meets a high standard in terms of data backup: in the event of an interruption in the PLC (programmable logic controller) the data is stored temporarily. When device operation is restored, the data is transmitted immediately. This means that no data is lost.

ReSyODP supports the TSC (bundle processor) and Modbus protocol.
The ODP specification is split into three areas:

Online data

The data of the process image is read from the PLC variably or after a specified time. It is displayed via the OPC interface (standardized software interface) in the higher-level control system. In addition, process data can be controlled centrally.

Historical data

Historical data is read cyclically or by the user in a controlled way.

The AX ODP server makes the time-stamped historical data available as *.csv files.

Event-oriented data

Event-oriented transmission of errors, alarms, and messages by the substation to the higher-level control system. They can then be stored and evaluated in the higher-level control system.


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