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POWER BOOST: reliably start difficult loads

The POWER BOOST power reserve is required in order to start difficult loads.


Power supply with the POWER BOOST power reserve  

Flexibility is required when building larger systems – this includes the power supply

One thing is certain, a high degree of flexibility is required in order to configure large systems. This requirement remains when it comes to continuous optimization and expansion.

What this means for you and your project: a power reserve is crucial for the power supply unit. As you will definitely want to optimally adapt the system or machine to your requirements.

The following should therefore be noted:

  • It is not possible to predict which loads will be switched on at the same time.
  • High switch-on currents of capacitive loads have to be absorbed without voltage dips.
  • To extend the system, the static boost continuously provides up to 125% of the nominal current.
  • In addition, you can use the dynamic boost to supply up to 200% of the nominal current for 5 seconds when starting up heavy loads.

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