Industrial Bluetooth

Industrial Bluetooth

As reliable as cables

Bluetooth is the ideal solution for reliable wireless communication with automation components – with quick and easy implementation.

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Industrial wireless communication via Bluetooth offers easy and inexpensive Ethernet connection in automation. Your application can benefit from the advantages of this reliable technology.

Your advantages

  • Easy and safe installation, thanks to largely automatic configuration
  • Extremely reliable and rugged data transmission, thanks to redundant transmission channels and integrated error correction
  • Interference-free parallel operation of multiple Bluetooth wireless paths or Bluetooth wireless paths and WLAN systems, thanks to the efficient use of frequency gaps
  • Long range of up to several hundred meters, thanks to transmission in the license-free 2.4 GHz band

Bluetooth as a point-to-point connection

Industrial Bluetooth: ideal for robots or cranes  

Industrial Bluetooth: ideal for robots or cranes

Use a Bluetooth wireless connection as a wireless control cable. With minimal effort, you can communicate reliably with rotating or moving modules.

  • Cranes
  • Scraper bridges
  • Robots

Bluetooth is at its most impressive in parallel operation with other wireless systems.

Bluetooth as a multipoint connection

Industrial Bluetooth in mechanical engineering  

Industrial Bluetooth in mechanical engineering

With Bluetooth, you can provide wireless Ethernet access for up to seven devices per wireless cell. You can therefore communicate safely and reliably with I/O components, scanners or PCs in a machine.


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