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Industrial networking

Industrial networking

The quick and easy solution for Powerlink and FL Net: industrial hubs

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Basic equipment for reliable communication in your automation system: industrial hubs from Phoenix Contact are tailored, resistant Ethernet components, which you can also use to securely link large CSMA/CD networks.

Your advantages

  • Create large networks cost-effectively – using hubs that are available with up to 16 ports
  • Variable use, thanks to selectable transmission speed of 10 or 100 Mbps
  • Easy cascading with standard cables
  • No configuration – thanks to complete transparency in the network
  • Fast data processing, thanks to short latency

Proven technology – compact DIN rail mounting

Hub with outcross port and 10/100 Mbps switch  

Hub with outcross port and 10/100 Mbps switch

Our hubs impress with their high electromagnetic compatibility and redundant power supply. For maximum versatility they also offer:

  • Variable transmission speed: use the switch on the front of the housing to adjust the bandwidth to the termination devices – 10 or 100 Mbps.
  • Easy expansion: thanks to the outcross port you can connect up to three hubs with 16 ports each – using crossed or linear standard cables. This means that up to 44 termination devices are supported in one collision domain.  


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