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Flexible and cost-effective visualization: with web technology

IT technologies offer a variety of useful options for automation. Web technology is particularly interesting when it comes to the operation and monitoring of systems. Here binary information from the world of machines is translated into information which humans can understand. This means that web technology is ideally suited to the interaction between man and machine.  

Numerous advantages for flexible operation and monitoring


Flexible visualization with web technology

Web technology is inexpensive and at the same time offers numerous advantages. In addition, the technology is platform-independent, which means, for example, that HMI devices can be used regardless of the controller type.

HMI devices from Phoenix Contact use web technology to retrieve process data from the controller. The user then saves the visualization pages on the controller.

The only prerequisite for visualization with web technology is an Ethernet-capable client/server structure. This means having a web server on the controller and PC and a web browser on the HMI device. You can also use a standard smartphone or tablet PC for visualization.

The browser, which is available free of charge for all platforms, is also the runtime for the visualization software. This means no license fees.

Web visualization on a laptop  

Web-based visualization by means of a standard browser

Discover the advantages of web-based visualization:

  • Independent of hardware and operating system
  • Easy system integration and handling
  • Vastly reduced training and development requirements
  • Suitable for the configuration of field components or process visualization with central or mobile operating concepts
  • No fees for runtime licenses
  • Low procurement costs and energy consumption
  • Extremely flexible operation and monitoring as not dependent on location and time

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