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Current transducers up to 600 A – your advantages in detail

Lossless true r.m.s. value measurement with a Hall sensor

True r.m.s. value acquisition with a Hall sensor (TRMS)  

True r.m.s. value acquisition with a Hall sensor (TRMS)

The universal AC/DC current transducers acquire the true r.m.s. value using a Hall sensor and therefore do not rely on form factors. This means that the conductor that is to be measured does not have to be interrupted, it is simply led through the device. This offers many advantages:

  • Replacement for expensive shunt current measurement which is prone to losses
  • If there is sufficient insulation, the measuring circuit and electronics used do not have to be safely isolated.
  • No additional contact points that can result in contact resistance.
  • The current is forwarded accurately, as there is no direct access to the measuring circuit.

Fast and flexible installation


MCR-SL-CUC… current transducers – fast installation with COMBICON plug-in connectors

Current transducers up to 600 A AC/DC from Phoenix Contact can either be fixed directly on the DIN rail or screwed onto a mounting plate.

Connect the devices quickly and easily using COMBICON plug-in connectors. In addition, the compact dimensions mean that they can be installed in flat distributor boxes – ideal for distributed applications.

Effective protection


MCR-SL-CUC… devices offer high operational reliability

Uninterrupted processes are essential for accurate measured results. Current transducers up to 600 A AC/DC have safe 3-way isolation. The input, output, and power supply are electrically isolated from one another. This increases operational reliability in the event of disturbances in your system.

For a conductor diameter of up to 32 mm


MCR-SL-CUC… current transducers for a conductor diameter of up to 32 mm

On the input side, our current transducers up to 600 A AC/DC can fit around and measure conductors with a diameter of up to 32 mm.

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