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Quick creation of your own applications, thanks to an open programming interface.

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Cloud services can be easily integrated into your automation solution. Extend applications with services such as monitoring, reporting, energy data management, calculations or preemptive maintenance. To do so, use ready-made services from our range or create your own individual cloud services with our software development kit. The options are almost unlimited.  

Your advantages

  • Increased value creation and flexible creation of new business models, through the integration of cloud services
  • Increased resource efficiency by outsourcing complex tasks to the cloud
  • Easy-to-use cloud services, thanks to direct integration into your network
  • Fast creation of individual cloud services with the software development kit

Efficient use of complete cloud services

Powerful cloud services for your application  

Powerful cloud services for your application

Easily integrate ready-made cloud services into your application and use these to call up data as well as for data storage. All information delivered via the cloud can be directly integrated into the field level and processed there.

Thanks to the cloud service calculations, you can move complex calculations to the cloud. Doing so takes the load off local hardware and reduces costs.

The cloud weather service provides current weather data and forecasts from the cloud. This means that a physical weather station is no longer necessary.

The cloud service system coupler connects two PROFINET networks via the Proficloud and permits simple data exchange between two PROFINET controllers.

Easily create your own cloud services

PROFICLOUD – software development kit  

The software development kit (SDK) enables you to freely program individual cloud services

Proficloud is an open IoT system, with which you can create the right solution for every application. This could be cloud-based data acquisition, analysis, or a complete automation concept.

Create applications according to your requirements with the software development kit: develop application containers for programming individual cloud services. They can be instantiated and operated in the Proficloud as many times as desired. You can therefore create your own alarm, monitoring or weather services and operate the containers in the Proficloud or in your local IT infrastructure.


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