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Infrastructure Socket Outlet with panel mounting frame and hinged cover for individual combining

Can be customized

Infrastructure Socket Outlet for charging points both inside and outside.

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Whether it is a small, compact wall box or a public charging station, you always have the right solution with the flexible Infrastructure Socket Outlets from Phoenix Contact. Mobile AC charging cables can be connected to the Infrastructure Socket Outlets. The standardized Type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlets for Europe and GB/T for China allow higher power transmission than is usually possible via the normal household socket.

Your advantages

  • Low installation height and depth
  • Modular design for front and rear mounting
  • Weather protection (IP54), thanks to additional hinged cover
  • Drainage system

Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2 – AC charging in Europe

Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2 with hinged cover, panel mounting frame, and actuator  

Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2

The standardized Type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlet is designed for various power transmission rates. The small design of the Infrastructure Socket Outlet allows installation in a wall box or charging station. At the same time, the Infrastructure Socket Outlet is suitable for both front and rear mounting.

Furthermore, the Infrastructure Socket Outlet has a drainage system with discharge nozzle and actuator locking. A hinged cover for protection against weather and a panel mounting frame are also optionally available.

Infrastructure Socket Outlet GB/T – AC charging in China

Infrastructure Socket Outlet with actuator according to the GB/T standard  

Infrastructure Socket Outlet GB/T

The Infrastructure Socket Outlet GB/T for Chinese wall boxes or charging stations is very similar to the Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2. The small design also offers the advantages of front and rear mounting, a drainage system, and optional actuator locking. The lever of the Infrastructure Socket Outlet is also snapped into the additional notch of mobile charging cables. The Infrastructure Socket Outlets are designed for single and three-phase AC charging.


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