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New system cabling for the MODICON M340 controller


MODICON M340 with front adapters, system cables, and interface modules  

In this example, I/O signals from the MODICON M340 are transmitted to PLC relays

New system cabling enables connection to the digital I/O cards from the MODICON M340 by Schneider Electric. The amount of wiring involved is considerably reduced and therefore connection is much easier.

The front adapter from the VARIOFACE product range can be easily plugged into modules and is locked in place using screws. Front adapters are connected to the interface modules using pre-assembled system cables. Marked plug-in connectors and marking options on the housing ensure signals are clearly assigned. Furthermore, there is the option of feeding in the power supply to the boards via the front adapter or the interface module. This enables the I/O signals of the MODICON M340 to be easily amplified or conditioned without much effort.



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