I/O module - IB L2-M BOX 24 DI 8/8 M8 - 2819147

Digital input module, IP67 protection, with markers (white), 8 digital inputs, 24 V DC, with M8 screw connector, 3-wire connection method



Technical data



Product Description

INTERBUS S-Line input module
With 8 digital inputs, the Interbus S-Line input module reads 24 V sensors with PNP technology into the Interbus loop. In addition to four of these digital inputs, the input/output module additionally provides 4 digital outputs for 24 V actuators with PNP technology as well. The sensors and the actuators are connected via 3-pin M8 screw connectors and preassembled sensor cables.
In the case of the inputs, mechanical switches with 2 contacts (e.g. limit switches) are connected to the M8 female connectors via the +24 V pin and the IN x pin (2-wire connection). Initiators (e.g. light switches or proximity switches) are additionally connected to the chassis ground contact (3-wire connection). The power supply voltage is transmitted to the sensors through the bus cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring. The sensor supply is short-circuit proof and supplies up to 150 mA for all sensors with a 3-wire connection.
The connection of the loads to the outputs (only with DIO 4/4/8) is short-circuit proof and is made via the contacts Out x and chassis ground of the M8 female output connectors. The 24 V supply is present on the third contact of all female output connectors. This supply voltage must be fed through one of the four female output connectors.

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2819147
Packing unit 1 pc
Sales key DNIA63 -
Catalog page Page 245 (AX_2004)
GTIN 4017918190118
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 119.000 g
Country of origin DE (Germany)


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