Distributed I/O device - ASI IO SL DIO 4/2/2 - 2741105

AS-i digital input/output module, 2 digital inputs, 24 V DC, 2, 3-wire connection method, 2 digital outputs, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, 2-wire connection method, IP67 protection



Technical data



Product Description

The digital AS-Interface S-Line input/output modules with IP67 housing protection make it possible to connect digital sensors and actuators to the AS-i using M8 connectors.
The modules are connected to AS-i with an M12 connector. With the aid of the separate 27 41 19 2 ASI CC CAB SL FCAB PWR adapter cable an S-Line module can be connected to the AS-i flat-ribbon cable.
AS-i IO code 3
AS-i ID code 0
Digital inputs: 2
Digital outputs: 2
Operating current from AS-i: 50 mA
Sensor current up to 200 mA total
Actuator current up to 0.5 A per output


Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2741105
Packing unit 1
Catalog page Page 305 (AX-2005)
GTIN 4017918466961
Custom tariff number 85389091


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Rydalmere NSW 2116

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