Distributed I/O device - FLS PB M12 IOL 4 M12 - 2736987

The local bus device has 4 IO-Link ports of 200 mA. Functions: parallel processing of service and process data, 500 kbaud/2 Mbaud selection, short-circuit and overload protection, 800 mA nominal current, M12 fast connection technology.



Technical data



Product Description

The terminal is designed for use within an Inline station.
The terminal is used to operate IO-Link-compatible sensors and actuators (devices). It is also used to acquire digital signals.
IO-Link is the standard for consistent communication from the controller to the lowest field level. In IO-Link communication, the process data is forwarded during parallel service data transmission.
IO-Link is a point-to-point connection between an IO-Link port and the sensor or actuator. IO-Link technology uses the familiar signal technology of the 0 V and 24 V binary interface in order to transmit data using pulse modulation. IO-Link offers full backward compatibility with standard sensors/actuators.
Using this terminal, IO-Link-compatible devices from any manufacturer can be operated on INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, and PROFINET.

Your advantages

  • Flexible power supply concept
  • Short-circuit and overload protection
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
  • Directly accessible address encoding switch
  • Consistent connection via M12 connectors
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Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2736987
Packing unit 1 pc
Sales key DNI4A2 -
GTIN 4046356147323
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 280.000 g


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