Bus coupler - IBS IL 24 BK-T - 2726188

Inline, Bus coupler, INTERBUS, Inline shield connector, transmission speed in the local bus: 500 kbps



Technical data



Product Description

The Inline bus terminal modules connect the terminals of an Inline station with the INTERBUS network.
A copper conductor is used for connection to the INTERBUS remote bus. The remote bus conductor is connected to the bus terminal module via an Inline shielded connector.
The bus terminal module takes on the following functions within an Inline station:
- Refreshing the INTERBUS remote bus signals
- Decoupling the outgoing remote bus or the connected input/output modules using a software command
- Supplying the connected input/output modules using an integrated power supply unit
- Connection to functional earth ground when installed on the DIN rail
The Inline terminals can be labeled using hinged labeling fields. The fields have insert cards that can be labeled individually to suit the application. Additionally, there is the ZBFM -6... Zack strip for labeling the terminal points.
Please note the following when you configure the system:
The total logic current of all terminals connected to an Inline bus terminal module must not exceed the maximum permissible total current of 2 A. Therefore, depending on your configuration, the number of terminals that you can connect may be less than 63.

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2726188
Packing unit 1 pc
Sales key DNI111 -
GTIN 4017918157135
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 194.700 g


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