Industry and critical infrastructure

Industry and critical infrastructure

Secure and efficient

Security products and solutions for reliable operation.

Your application: a failsafe system

With high growth rates, the IT standards Ethernet and TCP/IP are now also conquering the world of industrial networking. At the same time, people are increasingly aware of the vulnerabilities and security risks posed by networked control and automation systems.

When it comes to industrial network security, however, common office solutions are unsuitable because, in contrast to classic IT, the availability of systems is the highest priority security objective. Other aspects include the integrity and confidentiality of data communication. The processing industry and operators of critical infrastructures therefore rely on protected local industrial networks and secure remote connections via IP networks such as the Internet.

Our solution: comprehensive security concepts

mGuard in process engineering  

Security concept for process engineering

Phoenix Contact therefore offers security concepts which regulate access, prevent undesired data traffic, and impede data tapping.

The solution portfolio ranges from simple mechanical locks for Ethernet cables, manageable switches for network segmenting and access control to industrial security appliances with firewall functions as well as secure and confidential communication via encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).


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