CrossPowerSystem power distribution system

CrossPowerSystem power distribution system


Modular and functional control cabinet solutions

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CrossPowerSystem is an open platform for modular and functional control cabinets. Three-phase devices are mounted on the power distributor via Plug and Play. The 20 A power supply with integrated electronic circuit breakers (8-channel) supplies a safe 24 V supply which can be distributed easily using additional adapter rails.

Your advantages

  • Save setup and wiring time with Plug and Play
  • Save space with the compact design and flexible assembly of components
  • Fuses and components can be quickly replaced which saves servicing time
  • Save costs due to modular arrangement of the control cabinet

Easy handling for reliable operation

TRIO CROSS POWER power supply

The TRIO CROSS POWER 5 A power supply is ideal for use in machine building. All functions and the space-saving design are tailored to the stringent demands in this field. The Push-in connection enables quick and easy connection of a 24 V DC control voltage.

TRIO CROSS POWER 20 A – power supply and protection

Modular and functional control cabinet solutions

The TRIO CROSS POWER 20 A power supply provides a reliable 24 V supply with additional protection by means of eight independent channels for shutdown in the event of errors (overload or short circuit) and enables easy configuration of the current via IO-Link.

Modular and functional control cabinet solutions

Modular and functional control cabinet solutions

We have developed a solution for 400 V distribution to simplify the wiring effort in machine building and control cabinet manufacturing. With the open CrossPowerSystem platform, power supplies through to hybrid motor starters can be snapped on without requiring any tools or cables. As a result, modular and functional control cabinet solutions can be configured quickly and flexibly.

Flexible combination

The power distribution board enables the flexible implementation of functional solutions for the control cabinet. You have an extensive portfolio of products and accessories to choose from, which enables you to configure your own individual solution.


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