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New halogen-free system cable for sensitive fields of application


Halogen-free VARIOFACE system cable  

The new system cables can be used anywhere where halogen-free materials are obligatory

With our new halogen-free system cables, you can connect the CENTRUM CS3000 and ProSafe-RS Yokogawa controllers to the field, using a tried-and-tested method. The new cables can be used anywhere that halogen-free materials are obligatory.

The shielded system cables from the VARIOFACE range are suitable for digital and analog I/O modules. They are available in different versions up to a length of 50 meters. A wide range of VARIOFACE interface modules is available for jumpering the signals. An intermediate adapter is not required, as the system cable can be directly connected to the interface modules.

The cables are resistant to external influences. Even in the event of fire, they do not produce any corrosive fumes, thanks to their flame-retardant properties and halogen-free composition. For this reason, areas of application range from process engineering to system manufacturing.


Your advantages:

  • Reduced wiring effort
  • Resistant to external influences by means of shielding
  • Reliable and error-free connection
  • Easy to install, by means of plug-in components
  • Versatile, as the interface modules are available with different functions



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