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PV sets with surge protection for MPP tracking


Use of 4+V basic element  

PV sets for the optimum protection of two separate MPP trackers in one device

Phoenix Contact now offers PV sets that combine two MPP (Maximum Power Point) trackers for surge protection.

MPP tracking is the job of the inverter in photovoltaic systems. In most cases, string inverters have two MPP trackers. Each individual MPP tracker is responsible for extracting the maximum power from the connected strings. The new device in the PV set can simultaneously protect two MPP trackers via two separate “plus” and two separate “minus” inputs.

Both trackers split the path to the protective conductor in the V circuit. This not only reduces your surge protection costs, but also the manufacturing costs for the PV set itself. In addition, you only need one protective conductor connection for both MPP trackers.



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