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  • Drilling platforms
    Drilling platforms

    Drilling platforms combine maritime requirements with technological requirements for the ex area.

  • FPSO and platform supplier
    FPSO and platform supplier

    Efficient automation can be a decisive competitive factor for cost-intensive oil production with FSPOs.

Maritime certifications are indispensable on oil and gas industry ships, as well as on offshore installations such as FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units), drilling and production platforms. Absolute failsafe reliability is also important since expensive ships must always be in operation in order not to interrupt oil or gas production.

Life-support systems on ships, so-called essential services such as drives or fire protection are designed redundantly in order to ensure safe functioning round the clock. Phoenix Contact provides tested and reliable solutions for virtually all automation tasks in the offshore field.

Overview: offshore

Overview: offshore

When it comes to solutions for ships and drilling platforms, the focus is on marine-typical certifications and a high level of failsafe performance.


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