Everything you need for the charging process

Benefit from flexible charging interfaces, high-quality charging cables, as well as an intelligent controller and monitoring system.

There are three standards defined for the charging of electrically operated vehicles on the global market: the type 1 standard for vehicles on the American market, the type 2 standard for the European market, and the GB/T standard for China.

Each standard enables conventional AC charging and fast charging with direct current (DC). For the charging process, we provide flexible charging interfaces, high-quality charging cables as well as an intelligent controller and monitoring system, which correspond to all the specifications of these standards.

Your advantages

  • Reliable connection technology, thanks to standardized charging systems for all markets
  • DC fast charging with the Combined Charging System (CCS)
  • Flexible, programmable charging controllers
  • Support for your individual charging management
  • Complete product range for setting up a modern charging infrastructure

Charging interfaces

CCS Vehicle Inlet  

DC and AC charging with just one pin connector pattern

CCS Vehicle Inlets with only one pin connector pattern enable fast DC and conventional AC charging.

Vehicle Inlets with uniform external contours and the same screw points for the country standards of type 1 and type 2 provide vehicle manufacturers with a high level of flexibility when it comes to equipping electric vehicles. The universal Vehicle Inlets are easy to configure for commercial and special vehicles.

Charging infrastructure

Components for the charging infrastructure  

Comprehensive range for the charging infrastructure

A broad product range forms the basis for the development of an individual charging infrastructure in line with demand.

For this purpose, Phoenix Contact offers charging cables, Infrastructure Socket Outlets, AC and DC charging controllers, and residual current monitoring of the charging infrastructure.

Charging management

Charging management screen  

Software for charging management

Charging controllers with standard interfaces enable the individual design of the charging infrastructure.

With software blocks from Phoenix Contact, you can implement charging management, intuitive user guidance, and integration into billing systems with OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) or SQL.

Combined charging system (CCS)

The Combined Charging System (CCS) is a standard-compliant charging system for electric vehicles, which supports both conventional AC charging and fast DC charging.

Both Vehicle Connectors fit into the CCS Vehicle Inlet. The DC contacts, which are larger than those used for AC charging, and an integrated cooling system, enable fast charging at up to 350 A.

Topology: Combined Charging System (CCS)

The Combined Charging System (CCS) enables both conventional AC and fast DC charging


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