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Catalog management in BMEcat format

For the standardized exchange of catalog data, Phoenix Contact uses the popular BMEcat format.

BMEcat for catalog management is based on XML technology. The format enables the standardized exchange of catalog data in versions BMEcat 1.2 and BMEcat 2005.

BMEcat standard offers:

  • A sound basis for central access to all product information
  • Options for product classification


In BMEcat, there is the option of including various standards. The classification supports your internal organization and the assignment of products.

We support:

  • The eCl@ss and ETIM standardized classification systems
  • Phoenix Contact's own classification system

The various classification standards are defined below.

eCl@ss is an international standard for the classification and description of products and services. The classification system uses standardized features to describe products and is used in a variety of sectors.

Phoenix Contact uses the following versions:

  • V 4.0
  • V 4.1
  • V 5.0
  • V 5.1
  • V 6.0
  • V 7.0
  • V 8.0

ETIM, which stands for electrotechnical information model, is specifically used for the electronics industry. The classification system uses features to describe products.

Phoenix Contact uses the following versions:

  • V 4.0
  • V 5.0

The Phoenix Contact classification system is used for the internally-defined classification of Phoenix Contact products.

Phoenix Contact's own system includes all the technical attributes of a product. This would not be possible using a standard classification system based on eCl@ss or ETIM.

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