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Operating principle

The operating principle of CONTACTRON is based on a microprocessor-controlled hybrid combination of robust relay technology and wear-free solid-state technology. The switching concept combines the strengths of both switching technologies, thereby providing durability and maximum system availability.

Solid teamwork – for up to ten times longer service life

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter technology  

Wear-free switching, thanks to CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter technology

With CONTACTRON hybrid technology, the motor is switched on and off by wear-free semiconductors – continuous operation is ensured by low-loss electromechanical contacts.

Thanks to the intelligent switching concept, the electrical contacts are switched with almost zero current – thereby optimizing the mechanical service life of the switch contacts. In practice, this is ten times longer than the electrical service life.

Find out, in the following video, how CONTACTRON hybrid technology works.

Operating principle of hybrid technology

CONTACTRON hybrid technology supports durable and gentle motor switching. Below you will see what happens during a switch-on operation. For the switch-off operation, the process is exactly the same but reversed.

Step 1:
Relays K1 and K2 are closed. Currents l1, l2, and l3 all equal zero as before.

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Step 2:

Semiconductors V1 and V2 are switched on and so transfer the switch-on current. Currents l1, l2, and l3 now flow, causing the motor to run. During this short time, semiconductors V1 and V2 produce power dissipation.

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Step 3:

In order to reduce this power dissipation, the semiconductors are now bridged with bypass relay K3 and switched off.

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The wear-free semiconductors only transfer the switch-on and switch-off torques. The bypass relays can then switch without load and conduct the motor current continuously. This is all controlled and monitored by a microcontroller.

This technology enables gentle switching and increases the service life of the switching device tenfold.

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