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CONTACTRON – less space required

Compact housing and numerous functions in a single device

75% space saving, thanks to compact housing

With the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter, device combinations that previously required a lot of space in the control cabinet can now be replaced with a single device.

The hybrid motor starter combines up to four functions as required in a single device. Furthermore, it is also characterized by its narrow design width of just 22.5 mm.

Area required compared to conventional solutions  

Up to 75% space saving with CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters

Many drive applications previously required several switching devices

Mechanical switching devices, so-called contactors, usually switch drives on and off. Previously, a motor protection relay was used to monitor the motor current for overload or blockages which stopped the motor in the event of an error.

If one drive was required for both directions of rotation, the circuit technology function – swapping two outer conductors – had to be performed via an additional switching element. If the application then also needed to meet the requirements for functional safety, one or two additional switching elements had to be connected in series.

Many drive applications required four or five devices in total that had to be planned, wired, and connected accordingly. The CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter combines these functions in a single device.


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