Terminal blocks

All connections – one system

All connection technologies – one system

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system is unique. You can freely select the connection technology.

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  • Push-in connection
    Push-in connection

    The low insertion forces of the push-in connection terminal blocks enable the conductors to be inserted easily and directly.

  • Spring-cage connection
    Spring-cage connection

    The compact spring-cage connection offers a reliable, constant connection when subjected to strong vibrations.

  • Fast connection
    Fast connection

    The patented insulation displacement contact allows for a quick connection without conductor pretreatment.

  • Screw connection
    Screw connection

    The internationally recognized screw connection meets the most stringent requirements and covers a wide area of application.

  • Bolt connection
    Bolt connection

    Connect all types of conductor safely and with long-term stability: multi-conductor connection with several cable lugs per bolt.

  • Barrier connection
    Barrier connection

    Wire conductors with ring cable lugs easily and safely with the barrier terminal blocks.

  • Special connection
    Special connection

    Special connection technologies for special industrial requirements.

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Whether you opt for screw, spring-cage, Push-in, fast, or bolt connection: all of these connection technologies can be freely combined with each other using the same accessories, thanks to the double function shaft.

Your advantages

  • Complete flexibility: terminal blocks with different connection technologies can be freely combined
  • Bridging and testing facility, thanks to the double function shaft
  • Cost savings, thanks to uniform bridging, marking, and test accessories

CLIPLINE complete, all connection methods – one system

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system  

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system gives you the possibility of responding flexibly to your customers' requirements for all applications across the globe. Choose from the following connection types:

  • UT universal screw connection
  • Simple PT push-in connection
  • ST compact spring-cage connection
  • QT fast QUICKON connection
  • RT robust bolt connection
  • Plug-in COMBI connection solutions

CLIPLINE complete – uniform accessories for all terminal blocks

Accessories for all connection methods  

Accessories for all connection methods

CLIPLINE complete offers you a uniform range of accessories for all connection technologies:

  • The marking and test accessories are standardized and reduce your storage and logistics costs.
  • All terminal blocks can be freely combined, thanks to the double function shaft.
  • The uniform plug-in zone of the COMBI plug-in system enables the time-saving and modular configuration of your application.
  • The multifunctional, standardized disconnect zone of all disconnect terminal blocks holds various connectors.

CLIPLINE complete – competence in connection technology

Internationally approved terminal block system  

Internationally approved terminal block system

The terminal blocks are subjected to tests which go over and beyond the standard terminal block norm. The results of the tests enable these terminal blocks to be used in all industries, such as:

  • Systems manufacturing and machine building
  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Chemical/petrochemical industry
  • Rail industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Energy technology

Thanks to the implementation of appropriate design measures and the use of high-grade materials, the terminal blocks significantly exceed the requirements imposed by standards.

Junction boxes and empty enclosures

CLIPSAFE junction boxes and empty enclosures  

CLIPSAFE junction boxes and empty enclosures

At Phoenix Contact, with CLIPSAFE, you receive an innovative, high-quality product range of empty enclosures, machined empty enclosures, and junction boxes made of stainless steel and polyester. CLIPSAFE can be used in hazardous areas, with corresponding approvals for use in potentially explosive areas. The enclosure range impresses, thanks to its diversity and versatility – specifically designed for use in your application.

Planning and marking software: convenient configuration of terminal strips

CLIP PROJECT planning and marking software  

CLIP PROJECT planning and marking software

CLIP PROJECT combines the proven planning software for terminal strip configuration with a high-performance marking tool. The software creates complete project documentation and is able to communicate with all popular CAE programs. CLIP PROJECT supports output devices and marking materials for terminal, conductor, device, and plant marking.


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Design test processes in a way that is service-friendly

With FAME 3 you can combine complex testing processes into individual blocks.

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In combination - quick and easy

Work comfortably: with the BT barrier terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact you can connect conductors safely and easily.

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Push-in connection technology – only from Phoenix Contact.

Push-in connection technology
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