Rotary switches

Compact and durable

Compact and durable

Compact and reliable control cabinet operation for a wide range of applications.

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Made from high-quality materials, the rotary switches feature a compact design and have a long mechanical and electrical service life. They are internationally approved and can be used up to 20 A and 690 V.

Your advantages

  • Space-saving application, thanks to compact design
  • Safe operation, thanks to touch-proof terminal points, even when the control cabinet door is open
  • Suitable for increased requirements, thanks to shock and vibration-proof contacts
  • Easy and safe operation, thanks to plus/minus screw drive with optimized guidance
  • Future-proof, thanks to cadmium-free switch contacts and RoHS conformance

Individual marking


Marker carrier with corresponding labels

Marker carriers with corresponding snap-in labels for individual printing are available to ensure clear identification of the rotary switches.


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