Automatic devices

Automatic devices

Fast and flexible

Save time and money by automating your production processes.

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  • Product list Accessories
    Protective cover, extension kit, replacement locator, spare knife, conversion kit

    Accessories for automatic devices, for example, protective cover, spare knife, replacement locator, conversion kit.

  • Stripping and crimping devices
    Stripping/crimping device

    The device combines two steps: stripping and crimping. The job is completed in just one second.

  • Stripping machines
    Stripping machine

    Easy handling and the best possible flexibility when automatically stripping conductors of all types.

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Cutting, stripping, and crimping: automate these three steps and benefit from cost-effective advantages, even for small and medium-sized batches.

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  • Easy commissioning with Plug and Play
  • Intuitive operation via display, knobs or numerical keys
  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range

Efficient conductor pretreatment

Efficient conductor pretreatment  

Efficient conductor pretreatment

The clipx WIRE assist machine operator assistance system provides the operator with software-supporters guidance through the conductor pretreatment process. At the same time, automatic tools such as the CF 3000 and WF 1000 ensure process-reliable and efficient conductor pretreatment.


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