Inline terminal - IB IL TEMP 4/8 RTD/EF-PAC - 2897402

Inline, Temperature measurement terminal, Analog RTD inputs: 8 (for resistance temperature detectors), connection method: 4-wire, transmission speed in the local bus 500 kbps, degree of protection IP20, including Inline connectors and marking fields



Technical data




Product Description

The terminal is designed for use within an Inline station.
This terminal provides an 8-channel input module with three linear resistance ranges for resistance temperature detectors.
The terminal supports, for example:
- Platinum and nickel sensors, e.g., Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 100, and Ni 1000 according to standard DIN EN 60751 and directive SAMA RC 21-4-1966
- KTY 81 and KTY 84 sensors
- Cu 10, Cu 50, and Cu 53 sensors
Communication either takes place via the parameter channel (PCP, all eight measuring channels) or via four process data words (always four channels in multiplex mode).

Your advantages

  • Pt, Ni, Cu, KTY sensor types according to DIN and SAMA
  • Connection of 8 RTD temperature sensors and linear resistors in 4-wire technology
  • High precision and noise immunity
  • Temperature stability
  • High-resolution temperature and resistance measurement
  • Resistance values can be preset separately via parameterization bits
  • The channels are parameterized independently of one another via the bus system
  • Parameterization of open-circuit detection sensitivity (as of firmware 1.10)
  • Additional representation in float format according to IEEE754
  • Channel scout functionality, for optical channel identification during startup

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2897402
Packing unit 1 pc
Catalog page Page 199 (C-8-2015)
GTIN 4046356288026
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 221.600 g
Custom tariff number 85389091


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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