Software - CONFIG+ CPY - 2868062

The Config+ copy license enables the installation and parallel use of the Config+ software on multiple workstations. A single-user full license is also required. It is a workstation license



Technical data



Termination board - IBS S7 400 DSC/I-T - 2719962

Termination board for Siemens SIMATIC® S7 400 PLCs, with electrical isolation

Termination board - IBS S7 300 DSC-T - 2719975

Termination board for Siemens SIMATIC® S7 300 PLCs

Termination board - IBS PCI SC/RI/I-T - 2730080

Termination board - system coupler with copper connection

Termination board - IBS PCI SC/I-T - 2725260

PCI master controller board with electrical isolation

Bus coupler - FL IL 24 BK-B-PAC - 2862327

Inline, Bus coupler, Ethernet, RJ45 jack, degree of protection: IP20

Bus coupler - FL IL 24 BK-PAC - 2862314

Inline, Bus coupler, Modbus/TCP, RJ45 jack, degree of protection: IP20

Proxy - FL NP PND-4TX IB - 2985974

Proxy for PROFINET-RT-IRT, G4 functionality, INTERBUS proxy with integrated 4-port switch

Proxy - FL NP PND-4TX IB-LK - 2985929

Proxy for PROFINET-RT, G4 functionality, INTERBUS proxy for fiber optics with integrated 4-port switch

Bus coupler - FLM BK ETH M12 DI 8 M12-2TX - 2736916

The Ethernet bus coupler opens a local bus for up to 16 devices. Additional functions: 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps, auto negotiation, auto crossover, 8 digital inputs, channel-specific diagnostics, short-circuit and overload protection, M12 fast connection technology.

Bus coupler - IL ETH BK DI8 DO4 2TX-PAC - 2703981

Inline, Bus coupler, Modbus/TCP(UDP), RJ45 jack, Digital inputs: 8, 24 V DC, connection method: 3-conductor, Digital outputs: 4, 24 V DC, 500 mA, connection method: 3-conductor, transmission speed in the local bus: 500 kbps / 2 Mbps, degree of protection: IP20, including Inline connectors and marking fields


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