Controller - IBS ST 24 RFC-T - 2725529

Remote field controller INTERBUS-ST, consisting of a clamp part with a bus terminal module and a submaster module



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INTERBUS-ST Remote Field Controller
The Remote Field Controller for INTERBUS-ST can be used for distributed and modular automation of machines and systems. By using the Remote Field Controller, it is possible to set up pretested mechanical and electrical units that are combined to form a complete solution in the same way as in a modular system. By combining tested functional units, planning, installation and startup costs are reduced considerably. It is even possible to extend the system using this method.
The IBS ST 24 RFC-T Remote Field Controller is its own INTERBUS master in the ST series and permits the direct connection of input/output modules using an ST design. As an alternative, this module has an INTERBUS remote bus connection by which any number of INTERBUS modules can be connected. The IBS ST 24 RFC-T module permits the configuration of autonomous INTERBUS subnetworks, which can process individual automation tasks alone and independently of one another.
The exchange of data between individual Remote Field Controllers and with the higher level control for synchronization, for example, is carried out using INTERBUS. It is irrelevant whether small time-critical process data or complex parameter sets adapted to the requirements are to be exchanged.
Programming with PC WORX
All programming is carried out with PC WORX, the automation software. The programs are written in compliance with the international IEC-61131 standard. The program can either be downloaded through INTERBUS or the local RS-232 interface. Programs and configuration data are stored in the integrated flash memory in a non-volatile way. Eight kbytes of non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) are available in the Remote Field Controllers for retentive saving of variables and flags.

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Orderkey 2725529
Packing unit 1 pc
Note Made to Order (non-returnable)
GTIN 4017918153854
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 1,247.000 g
Custom tariff number 85389091


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