Multiplexer - IL MODULAR MUX SD - 2700047

Two of these SD cards transform two ILC 170 ETH 2TX (and suitable IO modules) into a multiplexer system, without any need of a programming. Simple configuration using few wire bridges. Connection via radio, Ethernet cable or network.



Technical data


Product Description

In its basic functions, the IL MODULAR MUX SD aims at the those who want to use the advantages of a flexible multiplexer solution which does not entail programming of controllers. To facilitate this, the requisite minimum configuration is established via few wire bridges. Standard components (2 pcs. controller ILC 170-ETH-2TX) and the software (2 pcs. IL BT MODULAR MUX SD) supplied on a suitable SD card for the controller are used. In addition, the requisite input/output terminals. The communication between both the multiplexer components (ILC 170-ETH-2TX) then takes place automatically via an Ethernet cable or a transparent wireless transmission.

It is possible to integrate both the multiplexers in an Ethernet network. The Ethernet configuration required for this is established via the web interface of the ILC 170-ETH-2TX. This transpires by simply using a PC and a standard browser.

The following standard components are required:

2 pcs. ILC170 ETH 2TX, Order no. 2916532
2 pcs. IL MODULAR MUX SD CARD, Order No. 2700047

To connect both the systems
1 piece Ethernet cable (cable-based communication)
1 piece FL BT EPA AIR SET, Order No. 2693091 (wireless communication)

Additionally provided are the requisite number of input and output terminals from Phoenix Contact's Inline modular program (marked with logo, see below).

The ILC 170 ETH 2TX can be connected to a multiplexer system also by means of all the wireless systems that can transmit TCT/IP data transparently.
For this purpose, the following Phoenix Contact wireless products are ideal:

1 piece FL BT EPA AIR SET, Order No. 2693091
2 pcs. FL BLUETOOTH AP, Order No. 2737999
2 pcs. FL WLAN EPA, Order No. 2692791
As well as WLAN Ethernet components of the series FL WLAN 24 XX 802-11


Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2700047
Packing unit 1 pc
Note Made to Order (non-returnable)
Catalog page Page 119 (AX-2011)
GTIN 4046356466103
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 8.810 g
Custom tariff number 85235110


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