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Process innovations shaped together and developed for you


The control cabinet manufacturing industry is varied. For this reason, the framework conditions of control cabinet manufacturers also differ in terms of their process chain and the requirements for their optimization.

The respective challenges cannot be met with rigid standard solutions; instead, they require an adapted approach using a flexible solution portfolio, such as modular systems and a tailored consultancy service.

With this approach, control cabinet building can be shaped together in a partnership-based exchange.

clipx concept  

The clipx concept from Phoenix Contact

The clipx solution portfolio from Phoenix Contact features a partnership-based consultancy concept and, based on the resulting findings, the development of a tailored system solution. The clipX concept is based on proven core technologies and broad expertise in lean production methods and in the engineering, IT integration, production, and logistics environment.

Shaping processes together

ClipX Consulting for digital trade fairs  

Shaping the process together

Our experts provide you with advice and support in designing innovative product solutions in the area of control cabinet building. Their work is based on an analysis of the entire value chain using practical methods. Together, we will draw up an efficient, sustainable concept for your specific process that includes involvement and training your employees.

Systems developed for control cabinet building

COMPLETE line overview  

Systems developed for control cabinet manufacturers

The appropriate clipx solutions are implemented with the required degree of automation based on the jointly developed requirements. Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic systems tailored individually to the different framework conditions can be integrated into production as stand-alone solutions or linked together.

Application example:
Control cabinet production in the drinks industry: cost-effective, even with a batch size of 1

Krones swears by the ClipX concept

Krones swears by the clipx concept

As a global manufacturer of bottling and packaging systems, Krones AG continuously strives to optimize not only its solutions, but also its manufacturing processes.

The concept from Phoenix Contact allows the ever-increasing number of control cabinets to be produced quickly, cost-effectively, and without errors.

We have a long tradition of machine building

Phoenix Contact has close ties with the machine building industry. With 180 employees, our in-house machine building department supports all developing and producing business units. As a result, we are very familiar with your daily challenges. The service portfolio ranges from creating manually operated equipment to complex production systems.

Together, we develop high-quality production approaches, innovative solutions, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Machine building at Phoenix Contact

Machine building at Phoenix Contact in 1968 (left), today (middle), and in the future (right)


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