COMPLETE line overview

Systems developed for control cabinet building

Development of production systems for process optimization

Control cabinet manufacturing is characterized by a high proportion of process costs with an increasing proportion of added value in machine building and systems manufacturing at the same time. This is therefore an ideal starting point for improving profitability in the production of machines and systems.

Our experts will develop system solutions tailored to the individual requirements of your control cabinet production system that are appropriate for the individual framework conditions with the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing processes, and thus ensuring competitiveness.

Your advantages

  • Shorter throughput times and optimization of the process interfaces through data completeness and data consistency
  • Increased productivity and supply capability due to shorter throughput times
  • High-level process reliability, error minimization, and rapid variant production through software-supported order management
Degree of automation  

Degree of automation

The appropriate clipx solutions are implemented with the required level of automation based on the jointly developed requirements:

  1. Manual systems integrate personnel into the process and offer optimal support for managing increasingly complex tasks. These systems are most often used for small to medium quantities coupled with a high degree of variance.
  2. Semi-automated systems combine the strengths of man and machine. The symbiosis of automated and manual processes, as well as the integration of collaborative systems, is ideal for medium to large volumes.
  3. Automated systems are available for efficient assembly and marking of equipped DIN rails. These are used for medium to large quantities coupled with a high degree of variance

Worker assistance systems

The clipx assistance systems support control cabinet manufacturing processes. The use of worker assistance systems increases productivity, improves process reliability, and guarantees a smooth production process.

COMPLETE line terminal strip assembly 2  

clipx ASSEMBLE assist assistance system

The clipx ASSEMBLE assist provides data-based guidance throughout the assembly process in real time. An ergonomically designed workstation facilitates orientation and helps to prevent errors.

  • rapid variant production with direct, software-supported order management
  • Automatic derivation of assembly instructions from your planning program
  • User-oriented support simplifies the manipulation and assembly tasks, facilitating zero-error processes
clipx WIRE assist  

clipx WIRE assist assistance system

Clipx MOUNT assist facilitates efficient conductor pre-processing. The modular design of the workstation facilitates maximum ergonomics and flexibility in the production environment.

  • Efficiency is increased with mobile application options and optimum positioning of hand tools, automatic tools, and printing systems
  • High process reliability with software-supported conductor pre-processing with direct device control
  • Convenient in application with intuitive user interfaces and simple data retrieval from CAE programs

Digital production documents

COMPLETE line – save time  

PROJECT complete planning and marking software

The PROJECT complete planning and marking software supplies all the information you require for terminal strip production. You have the option of a digital production document for manually assembling the terminal strip or an export in the AutomationML format – for controlling the semi-automatic or fully automatic production systems of your terminal strip production process.


Would you like to learn more about our systems for your control cabinet manufacturing? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


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