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A token of appreciation from Action Care


Phoenix Contact Middle East receives a token of appreciation from Action Care

In recognition of our continuous support in giving back to the community and our commitment to social development, Action Care presented us with a token of appreciation.

Phoenix Contact Middle East has been extending its support to Action Care for more than five years now. From events like the big annual gala dinner to smaller ones, Phoenix Contact team has voluntarily taken the initiative to participate at various occasions to help support less privileged people in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The Action Care Gala Dinner is dedicated to celebrating humanitarian causes supported by Action Care and its partners in the region. Just like in previous years, Phoenix Contact sponsored the gala dinner in 2015 and joined in celebrating the milestones reached, lives changed, and friendships discovered along the way.

Action Care is a charity based in the United Arab Emirates which provides humanitarian assistance and conducts a diversity of educational development programs to enhance the quality of life of the community especially those who are disadvantaged.



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