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Phoenix Contact places key importance on digital quality


Digitalization is of key importance  

Electronic and automated data exchange provides optimum support

Along with product quality, Phoenix Contact also places high demands on quality within the digitalization process. This is evidenced, for example, by the appointment of a new Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

The electronic and automated data exchange is via eCl@ss, the globally recognized and standard-compliant standard for Industry 4.0. eCl@ss allows the cross-industry standardized classification and clear description of products and services throughout the entire value chain, often across companies. This makes it easier for you to gain an overview of your processes, such as purchasing and production. You can make working together with business partners more efficient.

The XML-based BMEcat is the automated and standardized exchange format for the exchange of catalog data in the B2B field, and it is also used in full. Phoenix Contact provides you with CAD files in various file formats for the different fields of CAD data application for download, including the anchor points for automated wiring. A great deal of product-related information is available to you in several languages in the download area of the product page on the website. Moreover, manufacturer’s declarations, certifications, tender texts, safety notes, assembly notes, and application notes are also available for download here.

Within the framework of digitalization, Phoenix Contact also places importance on configurators, of which a large number are already available. These allow you to quickly create an individual and customer-based product version with traceable ordering.


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