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Every day sees new developments in the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that all of us are made aware of through the official media channels.

Our priorities are always our customers and our people. Very early on in the crisis, we have taken necessary measures to ensure that the risk to our employees is minimized, and that everyone (where feasible) is able to work from home as and when needed, already implementing a temporary work-shift routine in the various departments. We have also taken necessary measures at our logistics center to ensure a minimum risk of disruption in our operations. All in all, we want to make sure that we continue to provide the same level of great service that you have come to expect from us. At Phoenix Contact Middle East, we are here to help you and provide all possible support during these uncertain times.

As an international company with manufacturing facilities in several locations across the globe, the “Value Chain Management” task force at our headquarters monitors our inventories on a daily basis and takes measures to alleviate any potential bottlenecks. Production operations at Phoenix Contact are currently running without significant limitations. We are managing to maintain our supply chains. Due to the breadth of our product portfolio, we are also able to suggest alternative products with the same or a similar function to circumvent any potential delivery delays. However, there may be delays in the case of airfreight and domestic transportation within the Middle East region due to longer transit times and waiting times at the national borders. Considering this, please take note that the delivery date you see in our eShop is currently characterized with a moderate degree of uncertainty and should be understood as tentative and subject to change anytime. In case of any urgent requirements, please get in touch with your respective point of contact who will provide you with the up to date information and assist you in resolving any possible issues.

As we adapt the working conditions for our staff in response to external influences, in order to protect their health and safety, please note that some of us may be working from home at this time. We kindly ask you to keep this in mind whenever you speak with us.

We value the trust that you have placed in Phoenix Contact and ask you to take care of yourselves and your families during these challenging times.


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