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19" marshalling panels for efficient fiber-optic transmission


The new 19" marshalling panels from Phoenix Contact simplify FO cabling and are suitable for real time data transmission.

Compact splice boxes for future-proof data transmission


New splice boxes extend the Phoenix Contact FO range. The FDX 20 series splice boxes ensure continuously reliable data transmission in real time.

Large connector housings for high-position supply lines


The HEAVYCON STANDARD housings are made using high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Thanks to their conductive surface and seals, they are also suitable for your EMC applications.

Bus couplers with certification in accordance with Profinet Spec. 2.3


In PROFINET applications, the Axioline F bus coupler is the link between the Axioline F system and the higher-level Ethernet system. As Phoenix Contact's first PROFINET bus coupler, the TPS version of the device offers certification in accordance with P...

Current indicator lever-type disconnect terminal block with Push-in connection


Clearly identify malfunctions and line breaks in the operating state using the new PT 4-HE-ILA 100 current indicator terminal with Push-in connection.

High-performance power supplies


Ensure superior system availability with the new voltage versions of the high-performance QUINT POWER power supplies. The three new devices include one 12 V unit with an output current of 15 A, and two 48 V units with output currents of 5 and 10 A.

Wireless communication in the PV park


The new string combiner boxes with integrated wireless modules minimize the amount of cabling required when installing PV parks.

Compact potential collective terminals with screw and Push-in connection


The compact PT and PTU potential collective terminals offer you a wide range of application options.

Pick-off terminals for bolt terminal blocks with Push-in connection


The new AGK pick-off terminals for high-current bolt terminal blocks of the HV and RBO series provide you with a simple option for potential distribution or collection.

PV connection technology has a name


Phoenix Contact has developed the SUNCLIX connection technology product range specifically to meet the high demands of the photovoltaic industry.

215 Results


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